Movie Diary 7/27/2015

Court (Chaitanya Tamhane, 2014). The trial of a folksinger in India drags on and on, fueled by an absurd system. This movie is formally imposing and (deliberately) dramatically cool, a fascinating combination. Also, it does something that cinema can do in such a vivid way: show you rooms and spaces you have probably never seen before. And the director is not yet 30! (full review 7/31)

Boulevard (Dito Montiel, 2014). Robin Williams plays a closeted husband and bank drone who inadvertently (well…) destroys his life in order to free himself. The movie’s got little new to say, but Williams provides moments of anguish. (full review 7/31)

Our Man in Tehran (Drew Taylor and Larry Weinstein, 2013). The Canadian side of Argo, given in documentary form. You know the story – now meet the real participants! Some fun stuff about how Americans differ from our friends in the Great White North, and etc. (full review 7/31)


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