Movie Diary 8/4/2015

Jimmy’s Hall (Ken Loach, 2014). Loach and regular writer Paul Laverty return to Ireland, setting of their splendid The Wind That Shakes the Barley. This one’s about a real-life activist returning to the newly-minted Republic in the early 1930s, and while it has bright spots (Jim Norton is impeccable as the imperious parish priest) it’s also dogged by stock characters and wayward lead casting. (full review 8/7)

The Look of Silence (Joshua Oppenheimer and Anonymous, 2015). Not so much a follow-up to The Act of Killing as a full-fledged second movement – this one slow and mournful, and blessed with someone who will interrogate the murderers of the Indonesian genocide of 1965. This film is possibly less astonishing than its predecessor, but it might be better. (full review 8/7)

The Wanted 18 (Paul Cowan and Amer Shomali, 2014). A bizarre incident from the first Intifada makes for a grating documentary, complete with talking animated cows. (full review 8/7)


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