Movie Diary 9/16/2015

The New Girlfriend (François Ozon, 2014). Campiness prances under the surface of Ozon’s adaptation of a Ruth Rendell story, in which a domestic situation is revealed to be more complicated than it appears on the surface. Spoilers prevent much more comment than that, but Romain Duris certainly gives his all to his role. Not at the level of Ozon’s recent run of work, but fun to watch. (full review 9/18)

Horse Money (Pedro Costa, 2014). Something of a continuation of Colossal Youth‘s trance-like journey through the Lisbon slums, with a similar look and mood but somehow less hypnotizing. The movie can be opaque, but Costa has a vision. It would be interesting to see him make a different kind of movie, however. (full review 9/18)


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