Movie Diary 9/22/2015

Spy (Paul Feig, 2015) and The Heat (Paul Feig, 2013). Seen in close proximity, but by coincidence. Even viewed on an airplane, Spy has some hilarious moments (the Auto-Tune joke, which I suppose has been made somewhere else already, is superb), and I laughed more at it than The Heat because Melissa McCarthy has more opportunities to riff on whatever’s at hand. But The Heat has its share of yoks. So bring on Ghostbusters, I guess.

Welcome to Leith (Michael Beach Nichols, Christopher K. Walker, 2015). A renowned white supremacist comes to a North Dakota town, hoping to attract like-minded Hitler enthusiasts. The town responds. There are some eerie moments in this otherwise straightforward story. (full review 9/25)

Meet the Patels (Geeta Patel, Ravi Patel, 2014). Documentary about an Indian-American actor who goes along with his parents’ wish for an arranged marriage to a nice girl from the subcontinent. Some amusing cultural material (the parents are great) can’t quite erase the suspicion that the non-fiction storyline has been engineered just a tad. (full review 9/25)

Racing Extinction (Louie Psihoyos, 2015). The filmmaker behind the Oscar-winning The Cove takes a broader aim at various environmental concerns. All urgent issues, though the film is a bit scattered. (full review 9/25)


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