Movie Diary 10/18/2015

Rock the Kasbah (Barry Levinson, 2015). Bill Murray gets to stretch out again, in a zany comedy set in Afghanistan, which is what we’ve all needed – seriously, there ought to be a great Strangelove coming from the quagmire. Though maybe not this way. (full review 10/21)

Chappie (Neill Blomkamp, 2015). Catching up with missed 2015 releases, and also prepping for a talk about AI. This movie – I get where it’s going, but a few too many miscalculations along the way (with the notable exception of Hugh Jackman’s hair). You will hear South African accents in your head for days after.

Ex Machina (Alex Garland, 2015). See above. Except Garland’s minimalist take is thoughtful and plays by its own rules. Plus, Oscar Isaac adds some needed wildness.

Dark Star (John Carpenter, 1974). Did you hear something about a new Star Wars movie? Because I was busy re-watching this. And you know, whatever this movie is, it’s the ne plus ultra of that. Hasn’t lost a bit in all these years.


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