Knight of the Serpent (This Week’s Movies)


Christian Bale and Natalie Portman: Knight of Cups

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

Knight of Cups. “He wants to grab the fleeting gestures, to catch the wind; but he can’t help bringing in ideas, and those fall flat.”(In case of Herald paywall, Seattle Weekly link here.)

Embrace of the Serpent. “The super-sharp focus on the jungle has a hallucinatory effect.”

Colliding Dreams. “All those newsreel handshakes are beginning to look like ancient history.”

Tonight, Friday March 11, 7 p.m., the talkers in Framing Pictures re-convene for a conversation at Scarecrow Video. Discussion topics include Wim Wenders, whose career is getting a month-long reappraisal on Seattle screens, and Terrence Malick, whose new Knight of Cups opens soon. Check the FP Facebook page for updates.

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 12, join me for another Cinema Dissection at SIFF Film Center. We will take six hours to make our way through Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot. Which seems like the least we can do. The marathon begins at 11 a.m.; more info here.


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