Movie Diary 3/15/2016

Allegiant (Robert Schwentke, 2016). Part Three of the post-apocalyptic Divergent series, and if it’s no great shakes as storytelling,it does get some unexpectedly cool-looking stuff on screen. (full review 3/18)

The Confirmation (Bob Nelson, 2016). How does a movie (the directing debut of the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Nebraska) open with almost no advance notice? We’ll see, I guess. Clive Owen plays a guy in Kent, Washington (pretty sure that’s the setting) who spends a weekend with his son and gets in some scrapes. The ghost of Bicycle Thieves seems to be peeking through the plot, if somewhat gently. (full review 3/18)

Midnight Special (Jeff Nichols, 2015). Somebody “sees” things funny, people speak in thick accents, and portent-filled scenes take a long time to land. (full review 4/1)


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