Papa Sing Day (This Week’s Movies)


Giovanni Ribisi, Adrian Sparks, Joely Richardson, in Papa: Hemingway in Cuba

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

Papa: Hemingway in Cuba. “Some of the humid atmosphere of the real Havana seeps into the picture.” (In case of Herald paywall, Weekly link here.)

Mother’s Day. “Expect pratfalls and giant misunderstandings and a huggy conclusion.”

Sing Street. “Carney has sharp memories of the era.”

Dough. “Get set for a few scenes of uptight people getting adorably high.”

At the Overlook Podcast, Steve Scher and I speak of the late Dan Ireland, founder of SIFF and movie director; casting controversies; and the great Only Angels Have Wings. Listen here.

Hey folks, did you know Scarecrow Video is a nonprofit, and thus available for this year’s “Give Big” fundraiser? The official Give Big day is May 3, but you can pencil in a donation (with lots of matching-fund possibilities available) already. Check out the link here, and consider giving.


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