Movie Diary 5/30/2016

Heaven Can Wait (Ernst Lubitsch, 1943). A sparkling new restoration and a warmly receptive audience made for a wonderful afternoon at SIFF (maybe the first time I’ve seen this movie since the Seattle Film Society showed it in the early 1980s). “Warmly receptive” refers to mood; nobody knew how to turn the air-conditioning off, so the free tea was appreciated.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Taika Waititi, 2016). Sam Neill does grizzled well, and he needs to in this very sweetish New Zealand outing from the director of What We Do in the Shadows. Shows in Seattle International Film Festival.

Burn Burn Burn (Chanya Button, 2016). Brit comedy about two young women who hit the road in order to distribute the ashes of a late friend. A familiar idea for a set-up, but there are some funny people involved here, notably Chloe Pirrie and Laura Carmichael as the wandering friends. Shows in SIFF.



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