Movie Diary 6/1/2016

Now You See Me 2 (John M. Chu, 2016). You could go between two poles of thought while sitting at the Pacific Place in your usual seat during another night in your life. One thought is that a movie product like this really isn’t so bad, and another thought is that this is two hours of evaporated time, filled by something close to nothing. The choice is yours. (full review 6/10)

Up for Love (Laurent Tirard, 2016). Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin plays a man who stands just five foot four, a feat seamlessly accomplished with digital painting. That could be funny, unless the filmmakers want to go for pathos. Shows at Seattle International Film Festival.

A New Leaf (Elaine May, 1973). Random staying-home movie-night choice over the weekend. Have you seen this lately? Because it has aged very nicely. Walter Matthau and May seem to come from different worlds, performance-wise, but the whole thing clicks.


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