Swiss Army Tarzan Purge (This Week’s Links)


Ruby Barnhill and a motion-captured Mark Rylance: The BFG

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly.

The BFG. “A decent test case for wondering whether the digital mode of moviemaking has passed the point of fatigue.”

The Legend of Tarzan. “A superhero, called back to Africa to save the people of the Congo from colonial exploitation.”

The Purge: Election Year. “DeMonaco has left little doubt this isn’t really sci-fi – more like something ripped from today’s headlines.”

Swiss Army Man. “I can’t help liking a movie in which the hero delivers a philosophical, reflective speech while being slowly dragged away by a hungry bear. Take that, Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Wiener-Dog. “Every word is measured for maximum soul-crushing effect.”


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