Dates, Fits, Cowboys (This Week’s Movies)


Royalty Hightower: The Fits

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

The Fits. “Practically a visual poem on the subject of introversion.”

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. “Its bold proclamation that women can be just as moronic as men.”

Les Cowboys. “The outline of one of the mightiest of all American films, The Searchers.”

Hunt for the Wilderpeople. “This film is Kiwi down to its bones.”

Tonight, Friday July 8, 7 p.m., the talkers in Framing Pictures will re-convene for a conversation at Scarecrow Video. Join us for a freewheeling talk about movies old and new, and what you’d like to talk about. Tonight’s topics include the recent deaths of directors Abbas Kiarostami and Michael Cimino, Nicolas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon, and what makes great movie acting (embodied by Cary Grant and Olivia de Havilland). Check the FP Facebook page for updates.

On Sunday July 17 I’ll be participating in “Red Rain and Monsters: A 200th Anniversary of the Shelleys and Byron at Lake Geneva,” a performance and discussion exploring the 1816 summer that brought together a celebrated group of artists and resulted in the writing of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. See more information here.


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