Movie 8/1/2016

Suicide Squad (David Ayer, 2016). What a bunch of irascible scamps, these Suicide Squad kids. And what a chore it’s going to be to get to Justice League and all these other promised DC Comics movies. (full review 8/5)

Kes (Ken Loach, 1970). One of Loach’s most affecting movies, beautifully filmed (by Chris Menges) and remarkably acted by a cast of mostly non-professional performers. Anybody who thinks that there are ironclad rules in screenwriting about “show, don’t tell” should take note of the way the film leaves out one crucial scene but lets the central character describe it later.

The Angels’ Share (Ken Loach, 2012). Tried to watch this from the DVD library of a B&B in Glasgow last summer, but the disc wouldn’t play. A little Loach film but still consistent with his humanist agenda, and some good stuff about whisky, too.


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