Movie Diary 8/22/2016

Moby Dick (John Huston, 1956). Huston and cinematographer Oswald Morris treated the film so it would look a certain way, and that’s interesting to see, but beyond that this movie has photographic values that seem very unusual and modern for something shot in the 1950s (the leave-taking from New Bedford, especially). An interesting stab at an unfilmable novel. I saw this on morning TV at a tender age and have never been able to forget the ending from that shocked viewing.

The Mighty Quinn (Carl Schenkel, 1989). I am sincerely curious about how this director, whose career seems otherwise pretty undistinguished, came to direct this film. I hadn’t seem it since it came out, and it stands up as a very pleasant hang-out movie, with Denzel Washington and Robert Townsend at opposite ends of a mystery on a Caribbean island. Plus, Sheryl Lee Ralph sings the title song, which has new lyrics from the Dylan original.

Morris from America (Chad Hartigan, 2016). A 13-year old goes to Heidelberg with his soccer-coaching father (Craig Robinson), in a coming-of-age-by-way-of-hip-hop tale. (full review 8/26


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