Movie Diary 8/23/2016

Don’t Breathe (Fede Alvarez, 2016). Slick and sadistic. Jumps the rails in a particularly nasty way at one point. You might think it’d be easy to escape from a house owned by a blind man, but what if I told you the blind man was Stephen Lang? Doesn’t sound so easy now, does it? (full review 8/26)

The Sea of Trees (Gus Van Sant, 2015). Critically lambasted at Cannes in 2015, this finally arrives for a regular run. (Maybe; the Seattle opening has been pushed back to an as-yet-undefined date.) The idea is more than a little woo-woo, but – to beat one of my favorite dead rugs – movies are more than ideas. The mise-en-scene bristles, the cast (Matthew McConaughey, Naomi Watts, Ken Watanabe) is homed in, and Van Sant ponders the nature of trees moving in the breeze, as D.W. Griffith famously said movies should. (full review ?/?)


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