Movie Diary 11/9/2016

Allied (Robert Zemeckis, 2016). A sturdy idea behind this WWII story, plus no small amount of star power thanks to Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. Old-fashioned, very old-fashioned, with Zemeckis ably flexing his Hitchcock muscles at a couple of key moments. (full review 11/23)

Billy Budd (Peter Ustinov, 1962). There was a time when this movie was taken pretty seriously (I feel like one of the nuns may have shown it in class at dear old Blanchet High). Has anybody mentioned it lately? Robert Ryan and Terence Stamp play Herman Melville’s tormentor and victim – both excellent – and Ustinov is clever as the captain. Mostly acting and ideas, without much cinematic interest to support it.


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