Aquarius Arrival (This Week’s Movies)


Sonia Braga: Aquarius (courtesy Netflix)

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

Aquarius. “Frank in its ambition to explore The Way We Live Today, but also mysterious and elusive. I’ve seen few films this year more fascinating.”

Arrival. “When it comes to a payoff for all the gauzy head-scratching, Arrival reverts to a few basic sci-fi conventions.”

Gimme Danger. “Iggy Pop and Soupy Sales.”

This weekend the nonprofit Scarecrow Project joins with Barnes & Noble for a Book Fair in which Scarecrow benefits from B&N purchases made when you use a code. A fine excuse to buy physical media! I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble at Northgate Mall at 2 p.m. Saturday to give a little talk about “The Dream Factory” and how Hollywood created movie stars. Come on by and participate.



Early warning: Next Friday, Nov. 18, the talkers of Framing Pictures will returns with another conversation about movies. Join us for discussion of movies with one-word titles: Arrival, Aquarius, Moonlight, Loving, and maybe more long-winded items. Check out our Facebook page, too.


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