Movie Diary 11/17/2016

Moana (Ron Clements and John Musker, 2016). The new Thanksgiving Disney, and a presumed juggernaut, of course. One thing: Computer-generated water is really amazing these days. (full review 11/23)

The Old Man and the Sea (John Sturges, 1958). Saw this as a child on morning TV and not since – but certain images stayed all that time. Spencer Tracy is both right and wrong for the role of the fisherman (his narration – very close to the Hemingway original – is pretty good, but he overplays the part itself). The literary tour de force is the kind of thing that doesn’t really lend itself to film, unless you maybe cut the words altogether and go for a completely procedural visual approach (which is what All Is Lost is). Glad to be prepping a Hemingway talk.


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