Toni Neruda Wick (This Week’s Movies)


Sandra Huller, Peter Simonischeck: Toni Erdmann

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

Toni Erdmann. “Life becomes theater, an ongoing masquerade that looks a lot more fun than the grown-up business of maximizing profit margins and exploiting the little guy.”

John Wick Chapter 2. “If the outline is more ordinary, the movie still scores big with its not-quite-real world.”

Neruda. “Takes a skeptical view not only of its title character but of the idea of making anybody a hero.”

Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America. “Engaging, if generic in its approach. And it raises issues that surely demand deeper explanation.”

Tonight, Feb. 10, the talkers in Framing Pictures re-convene for a conversation at Scarecrow Video. We will look at this year’s Oscar nominees and assess how wrong they are, ponder new movies such as Toni Erdmann and Split, and more. Join us for a freewheeling talk about movies old and new, and what you’d like to talk about. Check the FP Facebook page for updates.

Sunday February 12 I’ll give a talk for Historic Seattle entitled “Shot on Location: Architectural Landmarks on Film,” at 2 p.m. Check the details here, or at the Northwest Film Forum’s calendar.

Last month’s Framing Pictures is now online (and occasionally being broadcast by the Seattle Channel). Check out the Framers settling the Best of 2016 right here.