Movie Diary 3/22/2017

Life (Daniel Espinosa, 2017). Unadorned sci-fi/horror taken straight from the Thing/Alien playbook. Hardware and mayhem and very few distinguishing features, but Espinosa (with a big boost from regular contributor and fellow Swede Jon Ekstrand’s music) does keep it moving. Lulu of an ending, too. (full review 3/24)

The Boss Baby (Tom McGrath, 2017). Animated. Alec Baldwin as the voice of the baby, who dresses like a pint-sized businessman. (full review 3/31).

Nevada Smith (Henry Hathaway, 1966). Just because I wanted to watch a Western. Steve McQueen (supposedly playing a teenager) in a revenge scenario, surrounded by an awfully good character-actor cast: Brian Keith, Karl Malden, Martin Landau, Arthur Kennedy, Pat Hingle, and it goes on. (Plus, there’s a scene with Strother Martin being called “Strother.”) The locations are expansive and superbly orchestrated.