Colossal Gifted Furious (This Week’s Movies)


Anne Hathaway: Colossal

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly.

The Fate of the Furious. “Other characters return not only from the past but also from the dead, as is the custom in this series. This thing is like a daytime soap opera with car chases.”

Colossal. “Once Colossal sets its conceptual hook, it pushes its zany premise into authentically uncomfortable territory. It’s actually about something.”

Gifted. “Apparently there’s something about seeing a first-grader stride to a blackboard and solve an Einstein-level math equation that is irresistibly appealing.”

Tonight, April 14, the talkers of Framing Pictures re-convene for another free-flowing conversation about movies. Subjects under discussion include Raw, The Assignment, and an upcoming SIFF mini-series of Douglas Sirk classics. Also fair game: the Netflix original doc Five Came Back, about Hollywood directors who went to World War II. Check the Facebook page for more info. And we’ll see you at Scarecrow, at 7 p.m.; the event is free.



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