Movie Diary 5/17/2017

Bad Black (Nabwana I.G.G, 2016). An inordinate amount of movie-watching exhilaration is contained in this Ugandan film’s 68 minutes. It is nonsensical, crude, and tongue-in-cheek. I was grateful. (screens at SIFF)

The Net (Kim Ki-duk, 2016). This director has made like a dozen movies since 3-Iron in 2004, which means there are too few hours in the day to keep up with everything. This one, about a North Korean fisherman who accidentally steers into South Korean territory, is a barbed look at how both countries mishandle the stalemate. (screens at SIFF)

The Fixer (Adrian Sitaru, 2016). A strong, thoughtful piece from Romania about a news crew’s efforts to interview a girl who has been recently rescued from having been kidnapped into prostitution. Some points are made perhaps too easily, but they’re good points. (screens at SIFF)


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