Movie Diary 7/13/2017

Mr. Lucky (H.C. Potter, 1943). Cary Grant, gambling, an elaborate scam involving a WWII relief fund, Laraine Day as a wealthy New Yorker, lots of good character actors. Grant has one unusual speech about the haves and the have-nots (his character is the latter). There are many funny moments (a sustained lesson on Cockney rhyming slang comes around to fulfill a significant plot point), and also a couple of surprisingly violent ones. This is a bizarre movie. (Screened in 35 mm. at Seattle Art Museum’s summer Cary Grant series.)


Movie Diary 7/12/2017

Hermia & Helena (Matías Piñeiro, 2016). Another of Piñeiro’s whimsical excursions into just-slightly-surreal screwball comedy; this one tracks a Buenos Aires translator (Piñeiro regular Agustina Muñoz) during a year in New York City. At the end the various wisps turn out to be held together quite sturdily. (full review 7/14)