Square Murder (This Week’s Movies)


Kenneth Branagh: Murder on the Orient Express

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

Murder on the Orient Express. “As director, Branagh mostly stays out of Agatha Christie’s way and lets the material do its surefire thing, except for a couple of ill-advised sequences of people running and jumping.” (Herald review here.)

The Square. “For me the excitement waned as the film got into the last stages of its 142-minute run time, but until then it fulfills the requirements of an arthouse roller-coaster ride.” (Herald review here.)

If you read magazines that are made of paper (because not everything is online), you might find a copy of the Nov./Dec. Film Comment, where I’ve got a piece on a handful of John Frankenheimer-directed episodes of Playhouse 90 from the 1950s. The videos, which were burned for Scarecrow by Frankenheimer himself, are available for rent at Scarecrow Video.