Movie Diary 11/13/2017

I, Tonya (Craig Gillespie, 2017). The Tonya Harding story (with only the ghostly presence of Nancy Kerrigan), served up in that now-familiar American Hustle Does GoodFellas style. Getting a little too familiar with that mode, actually, as nobody involved with this film seems to have gleaned that there is tragedy lurking beneath the trashy glitter of Harding’s life. Anyway, Margot Robbie is good, and the CGI ice-skating is technically impressive, if a little uncanny-valley eerie.

Wyklety (aka The Damned One, Konrad Lecki, 2017), and Amok (Katarzyna Adamik, 2017). I’m in Bydgoszcz, Poland, for a film festival, and so it seemed like a good idea to see a couple of Polish films. As the festival, Camerimage, is devoted to cinematography, it makes sense that both films are eye-filling examples of the art of cinematography, even if neither is really a great film. The former looks at resistance fighters who opposed the Soviet takeover of Poland after World War II; the latter tracks a real-life case of an author who became a suspect in a murder he’d written a book about.


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