Movie Diary 1/8/2018

The Interrupted Journey (Daniel Birt, 1949). A real noir find here. Frustrated would-be novelist Richard Todd decides to run away with his mistress, but loses his nerve and pulls the emergency cord on the train during the escape. He leaps off and runs back home to his wife (Valerie Hobson, from Bride of Frankenstein and The Spy in Black), literally across a field from where the train stopped. Then the train crashes, and man, it gets sticky from there. Beautifully shot by Edwin Hillier, who did a couple of Powell-Pressburger titles.

The Weaker Sex (Roy Ward Baker, 1946). Wartime perseverance, seen through a household dominated by women, among them Ursula Jeans and Joan Hopkins, the latter in a large, determined role that would seem to be a launching pad to a bigger career, except she did almost nothing else in films. Also shot by Edwin Hillier, and very nicely.

Maudie (Aisling Walsh, 2016). Strong performances by Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke in this true story of eccentric Nova Scotia artist Maud Lewis; both actors draw humor out of a story that would not seem to have much. Hard to beat the locations, too.