Movie Diary 1/23/2018

Sleeping Car to Trieste (John Paddy Carstairs, 1948). A cool and funny installment in the never-ending collection of movies set on trains. This one has a Macguffin in the form of an espionage diary of some kind, with various travelers on the Orient Express vying to possess it. Good ensemble cast – nobody really has the central role – including fun types like David Tomlinson (the future Mary Poppins father) as an overly-social solo traveler who keeps butting into other people’s plots), Finlay Currie as a grouchy writer of some fame, and the ineffable Bonar Colleano, who played Americans in many UK films of the period. Remake of the 1932 Rome Express, which I want to see now.


One Response

  1. I scarfed up “Rome Express” during a Network sale a year or so back. It’s quite swell, with future “Lady Vanishes” scribe Sidney Gilliat contributing to the script, Hollywood actress Esther Ralston (just pre-“To the Last Man”) playing a Hollywood actress, and Finlay Currie as her slang-y American handler (a delightful culture shock). Plus the English-speaking debut of Conrad Veidt. Walter Forde is no Hitchcock, but he keeps things rolling along just fine.

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