Movie Diary 2/4/2018

Seven Days to Noon (Roy and John Boulting, 1950). A nuclear scientist (Barry Jones) steals a bomb and threatens to wipe out central London if his pacifist demands aren’t met. Andre Morell plays the police superintendent. Nice suspense apparatus, with dandy shots of an evacuated London. It won an Oscar back when they had the Best Story award. Seems to anticipate The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Recoil (John Gilling, 1953). A jewel robbery ends in murder, and the witness (Elizabeth Sellars) goes “undercover” to nail the killer – a sleazy lounge lizard (Kieron Moore, whose attempts to suppress his Irish accent end up making him sound Italian). Lots of weird things about this crime picture, including the fact that the killer’s straight-arrow doctor brother (Edward Underdown) looks and sounds nothing like him. Awfully fun to watch, though, with some good noir set-ups.

Winchester (Michael and Peter Spierig, 2018). A stiff. My review here.