A note for anyone who reads this blog regularly, if such a person exists: I’ve been elected to membership in the National Society of Film Critics. The NSFC has sixty-some members, and they don’t often look to the Pacific Northwest to add to their ranks – in following in the footsteps of Seattle’s estimable Richard T. Jameson, I am treading in formidable shoes. I always admired the NSFC for their amazingly bold awards choices – they gave the 1980 Best Picture nod to Melvin and Howard, not Raging Bull or Ordinary People. This is the kind of thinking I like.

Their website is trim, and the membership is listed here. I am honored and humbled to be voted in by my peers, and I’ll try to live up to the standard they have set. As Ruth Gordon said when she won her Oscar at a somewhat mature age, “I can’t tell you how encouragin’ a thing like this is.”