Movie Diary 3/19/2018

Love, Simon (Greg Berlanti, 2018). Pleasant coming-of-age doings about a gay teen; you’ve seen it a thousand times, although this time it’s opening in thousands of theaters, so I guess that’s supposed to be ground-breaking? Also, another movie in which the fantastic wealth of all the characters (presented here as everyday suburban life) is never mentioned, let alone questioned. Anyway, a decent cast, and it works in “Waterloo Sunset” and “Monster Mash,” so I’m glad for that. (full review 3/20)

Flower (Max Winkler, 2017). And another teen film, this one going for more edge, which turns out to be not such a good look. Zoey Deutch plays the ringleader of a group of acting-up kids; she takes new quasi-stepbrother Joey Morgan under her wing. There are interesting possibilities with Kathryn Hahn and Tim Heidecker as Deutch’s mom and quasi stepdad, and there’s an intriguing turn toward something Really Bad toward the end, but no, overall, I’m not buying it.