Movie Diary 3/25/2018

Isle of Dogs (Wes Anderson, 2018). Stop-motion animation, with fairly grim subject matter, done in the whimsical Anderson style. Grand Budapest Hotel was my #1 film of 2014; will Anderson repeat this year? No. (full review 3/28)

Pacific Rim: Uprising (Steven S. DeKnight, 2018). Not objectionable for the first hour or so, when some well-played table-setting is the order of the day. Then it’s all fights between giant robots, in the customary digital manner.

Tiger by the Tail (aka Cross-Up, John Gilling, 1954). Larry Parks, then blacklisted, stars in this Brit noir about a breezy American reporter assigned to the London bureau. He takes up with a mystery woman (Lisa Daniely) and they come face to face with murder. Startling scene, actually. The woman’s secret diary holds the clue to a much larger story, which lands Parks in jeopardy. Parks’s character is abrasive – frankly so is his performance – and the guy makes so many stupid decisions it becomes difficult to root for him. The story does trot along, however, and has some decent villains. Constance Smith plays the news agency Girl Friday, the woman Parks should really be interested in, but he can’t be bothered because she wears glasses.