Movie Diary 4/26/2018

Avengers: Infinity War (Anthony and Joe Russo, 2018). “Thanos is coming.” “Who?” One of the things to enjoy about the Marvel behemoths is their cheeky sense of their own absurdity, a saving grace in this otherwise overstuffed universe. Cuz man, those giant fight scenes are boooorrring, especially after you’ve seen 18 movies. One thought: If somebody could just edit out the scenes of superheroes punching each other in the jaw, you might have a bearable longform TV series. Also, the ending (I will be vague, but I guess spoiler alert): People are saying there’s a “Whoa” factor about Infinity War‘s ending. But how can this be true, when everything else we’ve seen about the superheroes suggests that they will simply bounce back and be rejuvenated? And we know some of them have to be, because they have movies scheduled to be released in the next couple of years. Death has no sting here, so the ending’s a kind of a cool idea, and yet – meh.


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  1. (Editor’s Note: There’s a spoiler in here – be advised, reader!)
    I saw this last night. As the credits started to roll, a woman in front of me began sobbing. We all sat there for several minutes, waiting for the post credits scene, while her companion tried to comfort her to no avail. It went on and on.

    My reaction was more like yours.

    A friend of mine made an interesting point. Whether the ending had the intended impact or not (it clearly did for that woman), it was definitely a clever way to make the next movie a lot more manageable, character-wise. They can keep all those disintegrated characters out of Avengers 4 until the very end. That should make it more feasible to make a good, tight movie the next time around.

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