Movie Diary 6/5/2018

The Truth About Women (Muriel Box, 1957). In a structure recalling Lubitsch’s Heaven Can Wait, a white-haired old chap (Laurence Harvey) recalls his history with the ladies, but this time the point is to prove that women can’t be characterized as simply one thing or the other, as his unhappy nephew insists. Lots of flashbacks to amusing situations, set in places like Paris and a fictional corner of the Ottoman Empire. Some bad taste on display, but stirrings of a feminist viewpoint as well, courtesy of director Box. Crazy cast: Diane Cilento, Eva Gabor, Mai Zetterling, Jocelyn Lane, and Julie Harris are the women in Harvey’s life. Michael Denison and Marius Goring are also in there. As for Laurence Harvey, he’s pretty good when used as a comic prop, as he is through most of this movie.