Movie Diary 6/13/2018

Chase a Crooked Shadow (Michael Anderson, 1958). It’s none too logical, but this Brit suspense picture is fun to watch, thanks to a guessing-game premise, a cool Spanish location, and the busy black-and-white cinematography of Erwin Hillier (the DP of I Know Where I’m Going! and A Canterbury Tale). Diamond heiress Anne Baxter is surprised in her seaside villa outside Barcelona by a man (Richard Todd) who declares himself to be her brother – presumed dead a year earlier. She tries to get the local police jefe (Herbert Lom) to understand that this person is not related to her, but the stranger’s got all the right papers, so nobody can kick him (or his frosty companion, Faith Brook) out of the house. The credibility quotient is small, but there are, in fact, an abundance of crooked shadows in this thing, and enough Hitchcock borrowings to keep your eyes filled.