Movie Diary 6/26/2018

Farewell (aka Abschied, Egon Günther, 1968). A very New Wave kind of approach in this East German tale of a boy formed by (in the sense of reacting against) the stuffy bourgeois manners of his parents and the brutality of his classmates. Lots of interesting stuff, including the portrayal of war fever and the chockablock storytelling. (There’s also a distinct gulf between the Sixties look of some of the design – and the haircuts – and the time period.) Might’ve been a little stronger with a more dynamic lead actor; the Brian Jones-like Jan Spitzer doesn’t bring a lot to the table (though he went on to have a long career). Some very impressive, and muscular, black-and-white widescreen cinematography. The movie was a little too interesting for the authorities, and its exposure was limited.


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