Movie Diary 6/27/2018

The King (Eugene Jarecki, 2018). The documentary about Elvis, which would also very much like to be a Statement. (full review 7/4)

The Good Die Young (Lewis Gilbert, 1954). Heavy on melodrama, but this crime picture has the kind of set-up I like: strangers come together to attempt a heist, each man with his own well-described reasons for breaking bad. A very watchable cast indeed: Laurence Harvey is a scoundrel (duh) who needs cash because his wealthy wife (Margaret Leighton) is finally getting wise to him; Richard Basehart is an American in London collecting wife Joan Collins from her needy mother; John Ireland is a serviceman ditched by his wife, a would-be starlet played in vintage form by Gloria Grahame; Stanley Baker is a boxer whose final fight leads to the amputation of his hand, thus crimping his plans for a simple workingman’s life. Robert Morley plays Harvey’s father. Some decent noir shooting, if not exactly crisply paced.


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