Movie Diary 7/1/2018

Sicario: Day of the Soldado (Stefano Sollima, 2018). Things are constantly easing into the frame in Sollima’s visual scheme for the film, an anxiety-producing style that fits the subject. The Sicario movies are interesting test cases for intention vs. effect discussions; I don’t doubt the filmmakers want to show sympathy for Mexicans caught between cartel violence and blunt U.S. policies, but the film leaves the impression of Mexico as a hellhole. Not that the U.S. comes off much better.

The Dove on the Roof (Iris Gusner, 1973/2009). An East German film, initially banned, later revived in a black-and-white version (it was shot in color). It unfolds in a very mod, cryptic style, revolving around a construction-site manager (Heidemarie Wenzel) whose love life skitters between two men, one too old and one too young. The people and places are interesting to look at.