Movie Diary 7/23/2018

The Flaw (Terence Fisher, 1955). Okay, back to Brit B-movies. Here’s a nutty piece about a ne’er-do-well (Dean Martin-smooth John Bentley) whose plan to keep fleecing his rich wife (Rona Anderson) runs afoul when her ex-suitor (Donald Houston) calls him out. Time to dispatch the suitor with a flawless murder plan. Or is there a flaw? Extremely far-fetched, but not badly rendered. Also, this movie has a moment that predicts the big shocker in Audition – seriously.

Murder on the Campus (Michael Winner, 1961). Back near the beginning of Winner’s career, when the Death Wish movies were merely a pipe dream. Winner also scripted, and the whole thing is like a parody of a really awful film in which every single dialogue exchange exists only to provide the basic information needed to get to the next plot point. But it’s not a parody. Adding to the surreal quality is the fact that everything moves very quickly, which makes Terence Longdon’s brusque style (he’s investigating the mysterious death of his brother, on the campus, which is Cambridge) even more laughably bullheaded. Despite all the exposition, I actually have no idea what happens in this film, or how, or why.


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