Movie Diary 8/9/2018

The Quiet Woman (John Gilling, 1951). A very, very convoluted story (also scripted by Gilling): on the Dover coast, a newcomer (appealing Jane Hylton) takes over a public house called The Quiet Woman, where she bumps into a couple of local guys (Derek Bond, Michael Balfour) who smuggle booze from France. Bond falls for her, and eases up on his smuggling duties to return to painting (pictures, not houses). This all gets mixed up with his waspish ex (Dianne Foster) who comes from the city to pose for him, and his old Navy buddy (John Horsely), now a customs officer, who snoops around – not very aggressively – for the pirated hooch. This is not to mention the great mystery surrounding the reason Hylton has moved to the area, which is a lulu. The movie’s like three short stories rolled into one piece, and pretty daft, but Derek Bond has a pleasantly blithe presence and Balfour and Dora Bryan give value as the comic relief.


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