Movie Diary 8/21/2018

kissvampire.jpgKiss of the Vampire (Don Sharp, 1963). This Hammer horror title showed on “Nightmare Theatre” back in the ancient times, but under the U.S. TV title Kiss of Evil, with extra footage added for broadcast. So that’s the one I’ve seen before. Which means I saw an even slower movie than the original cut. But one assumes pokiness with Hammer (I do, anyway), and given that, Kiss generally does its job well. Two motorists (Jennifer Daniel and Edward de Souza) run out of gas near an old inn where the locals refuse to stay. The vampiric owner (Noel Willman, all bouffant hair and Gothic bric-a-brac) of a nearby castle invites them up for dinner and a big dance party with some groovy masks on display – this film was evidently an influence, or target, of Polanski’s Dance of the Vampires. Lots of zany design and plenty of obsessive color, especially a sickly green. Has its share of spellcasting and pentagram-drawing. Nutty climax with rubber bats – the only part I remembered from childhood.


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