Movie Diary 8/27/2018

Dusty Ermine (aka Hideout in the Alps, Bernard Vorhaus, 1936). A truly cuckoo plot, about an English counterfeiter (Ronald Squire), released from prison, who declines an invitation from a gang of forgers (whose contact person is played by Margaret Rutherford) only to see his nephew dragged into the scheme. The story shifts to an Alpine ski resort, where the forgers are lurking and the Englishman’s niece (Jane Baxter) takes up with a stranger (Anthony Bushell) who can ski. The location shooting is eye-filling, with some incredible stuntwork on the slopes; you get the feeling Vorhaus saw some German “mountain films” before making this. A very spirited thing all the way around, and Vorhaus again has a nose for interesting angles, a certain way of seeing.



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