Movie Diary 8/28/2018

The Outlaw Josey Wales (Clint Eastwood, 1976). A 4K-sparkling print on a big screen (courtesy Edinburgh Filmhouse) = a very satisfying experience. The way the movie begins as a straightforward revenge scenario and then gets sidetracked into a more expansive story about community feels somewhat ahead of its time (although the film definitely is of its time, as Bruce Surtees’ cinematography and Jerry Fielding’s score are echt-70s). Although planned and co-scripted by Philip Kaufman, who began the shoot as the director, this movie really feels like Eastwood, especially in its relaxed pace, which never feels poky.

The Rough and the Smooth (aka Portrait of a Sinner, Robert Siodmak, 1959). A completely bizarre storyline, like a film noir without a murder: breezy architect Tony Britton, about to marry the wealthy daughter (Natasha Parry) of a newspaper tycoon (Donald Wolfit), becomes hung up on a mystery woman (Nadja Tiller) who, as they say, toys with his emotions. The movie’s got things that very much look and feel like Siodmak, especially its European attitude about sex, which is pretty, well, European for 1959. We also get William Bendix, rarin’ to go as always, as Tiller’s platonic roommate.


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