Predator Mandy (This Week’s Movies)


Nicolas Cage: Mandy

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

The Predator. “Mixes together humdrum action scenes with tepid comedy and a collection of strikingly dull performances. Suddenly Arnold Schwarzenegger’s leaden quips from the original movie don’t sound so bad after all.”

Mandy. “Walks a fine line between the cool and the ridiculous, and then finally erases the line.” (Herald link here.)

For the Scarecrow Video blog, I offer a Seasoned Ticket post with a few thoughts and links on the Predator franchise and the death of Burt Reynolds. Read it here.

I have two pieces in the new (Sep./Oct.) issue of Film Comment magazine, one an appreciation of Bonar Colleano, the U.S.-born actor who appeared as brash Yanks in many UK productions of the postwar years, with special attention to his touching role in Anthony Asquith’s A Way to the Stars. Colleano died, age 34, exactly 60 years ago, in a car accident outside Liverpool. I also have a short piece on Oleksandr Techynskyi’s Delta, which won the FIPRESCI award at the Odesa Film Festival, a jury on which I served. No links, alas: those pieces are not online, and you have to find the issue to read ’em.


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