Movie Diary 9/30/2018

Night School (Malcolm D. Lee, 2018). A couple of big, long slapstick sequences derail this film’s generally lively momentum. But it’s still a decent time-waster. Biggest takeaway is how shrewdly producer-star Kevin Hart allows the other members of the ensemble cast to grab their moments in the spotlight; there’s good stuff from Tiffany Haddish, Mary Lynn Raskub, Romany Malco (someday the world will come around to appreciating The Chateau), Rob Riggle, Al Madrigal, and Taran Killam. Review here.

Monster from Green Hell (Kenneth G. Crane, 1957). Really terrible, with future Dallas star Jim Davis as a rocket scientist (I guess, or something) traveling to Africa to find that when a spaceship carrying insects landed there, giant wasps stepped out of it. Old footage from Stanley and Livingstone (1939) is used for the big scenes of natives and white hunters and animals. The leading lady is Barbara Turner, future screenwriter and mother of Jennifer Jason Leigh, who isn’t very good here, but then why should she be? Also with Joel Fluellen, Eduardo Ciannelli, Vladimir Sokoloff.