Movie Diary 10/7/2018

Mother Riley Meets the Vampire (John Gilling, 1952). Listen, the movie is listed in Denis Gifford’s A Pictorial History of Horror Movies, so at some point I had to see it. The idea is that Old Mother Riley – a drag act by the English comedian Arthur Lucan – comes into extremely far-fetched contact with Bela Lugosi’s vampire, who sleeps in his coffin and has, mystifyingly, created a robot (the prototype for an army that will take over the world). Whatever drugs you can get before watching this movie, take them. Lucan is clearly a pro performer – hell, Lugosi still was at this point – but the whole thing is grating and surreal, including Mother Riley’s song near the beginning. Anyway: It has been watched.

See No Evil (Richard Fleischer, 1971). Strictly a suspense exercise, with a few good directorial moments but a general lack of logic or taste. Mia Farrow, looking even frailer than her stint in Rosemary’s Baby, plays a blind woman stuck in a country mansion while a killer roams around. An unmemorable supporting cast doesn’t help. Gobs of brassy music by Elmer Bernstein.

Venom (Ruben Fleischer, 2018). Tom Hardy as a Marvel villain, and pretty stinkola all the way around. There can’t possibly be a sequel to this dud, and yet – look at the opening numbers. Please turn the whole thing over to Panos Cosmatos or something and just let it rip – you can’t do worse than this. (review here.)