Movie Diary 10/17/2018

Sadie (Megan Griffiths, 2018). A coming-of-age situation (set in a western Washington trailer park) that veers away from the usual thing and enters some intriguingly dark territory. Melanie Lynskey is good as usual, and young actors Sophia Mitri Schloss and Keith L. Williams are excellent.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (Morgan Neville, 2018). I’m late in seeing this, and can’t think of much to add to the general consensus: Lovely, timely, conventional. One hight point is seeing Tom Snyder act like a dick toward Fred Rogers and end up being affected by talking soulfully to one of Mr. Rogers’ hand puppets. I think we hear someone on Fox News describe Fred Rogers as “evil,” which pretty much jibes with the current level of discourse.


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