Movie Diary 10/22/2018

blackpitThe Black Pit of Dr. M (aka Mysterios de ultratumba, Fernando Méndez, 1959). A dying doctor (Antonio Raxel) swears to send a message from the afterlife to his colleague Dr. Mazali (Rafael Bertrand). The movie has a tendency to forget about this promise while it conjures up a variety of other horrors: a madwoman (Carolina Barret) who can only be calmed by a music box, an acid scarring that turns an innocent orderly into a raving killer, an episode of soul transmigration that includes an excellent example of rising from the grave, and so on. Adding value is the dead doctor’s daughter (Mapita Cortés), a dancer, who is summoned to the hospital by her father’s ghost. Dr. M digs her, but she is more age-appropriate to his medical student (Gastón Sandos), who is also not a mad doctor. This is another of the Mexican horror films that leans heavily on chiaroscuro lighting and smoke effects, which is not a bad way to lean for 71 minutes.