Horror Killer (This Week’s Movies)


Gerard Butler, Hunter Killer (Lionsgate)

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

Hunter Killer. “This movie embraces its hairy old hokum so thoroughly that it creates a pretty fun contraption.”

Johnny English Strikes Again. “You won’t be embarrassed if you take your kids, but you won’t be remembering this one in years to come, either.”

A piece on horror movies available via streaming services.

For Scarecrow Video’s blog, I contribute a Seasoned Ticket entry that covers Val Lewton, William Shatner, the only movie made in Esperanto, and the 1945 Picture of Dorian Gray. Read it here.

Parallax View’s retrospective of 1998 movies continues with my review of Martin Brest’s Meet Joe Black.