Movie Diary 10/29/2018

The Witch’s Mirror (Chano Urueta, 1962). Last in a series of the Edinburgh Film Guild’s screenings of Mexican horror. This is not, perhaps, an unusually elegant example of the form, but it scores points with its willingness to throw in new kinds of crazy shit every five minutes or so. The basic outline has a man murdering his wife so he can marry another woman; but the dead wife’s witchy godmother manages to sort-of raise the departed from the dead, with help from a magic mirror. All kinds of medical horror in this one, with some grisly detail on dismemberment. Among the shockers is the way the second wife turns into a human torch in one sequence; surviving the incident, the husband turns to grave-robbing to acquire the human specimens needed to rebuild his beloved’s body. There’s also some premature burial and the old routine about transplanted hands that carry evil to their new owner. In short, a lot to keep up with, and a lot to relish.