Movie Diary 11/25/2018

The Land of Steady Habits (Nicole Holofcener, 2018). Ben Mendelsohn plays a divorced man at loose ends, and this great Aussie actor seems just a little uncomfortable playing a normal person. The movie has its share of Holofcener’s sharp edges, and a fine cast including Edie Falco, Elizabeth Marvel, and Bill Camp.

Robin Hood (Otto Bathurst, 2018). Errol Flynn rests unworried. My review.

Ice Cold in Alex (J. Lee Thompson, 1958). A well-regarded British war film, mostly deserving of its status, that functions as both a post-Wages of Fear survival exercise and a postwar let’s-understand-the-enemy thing. John Mills leads a quartet of people across the Libyan sands (and the Libyan quicksand, in one sequence); the others are Sylvia Syms, Anthony Quayle, and Harry Andrews.

The Long Dark Hall (Reginald Beck, Anthony Bushell, 1951). Extremely strange accused-man movie with Rex Harrison arrested for the murder of his mistress; wife Lilli Palmer (Harrison’s real-life wife) remains loyal during the trial. The film is told with a mystifying framing device of reporters recounting the story (the credits carry a note about “additional scenes”), and the final minutes are left to these idiots to describe – the ending of the movie, to which everything has been building as a race against the clock, are literally left offscreen. What the hell?



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